Bon Iver, Live.

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I’ve been working a lot more with NPR Music lately, and one of the perks of this gig is being able to see and shoot some great shows. Bon Iver came through DC recently, and NPR Music presented a live audio stream of the concert. I tagged along to live-load photos to go along with it.

All images ©NPR.

I had the first three songs to shoot from the photo pit up front, and then I ran my camera back to my laptop where I uploaded photos a couple at a time to the All Songs Considered Flickr. The Flickr feed then fed a constantly-updating gallery on the NPR page, so people visiting the site could see new photos as I uploaded them. (It’s an interesting way to do it, though there are a whole slew of issues with using Flickr, namely that apparently Getty Images then has the right to distro your photos as they please.)

It was definitely a rush shooting, editing and uploading as fast as possible, I imagine it’s similar to what sports shooters do during halftime, though I’ll never know because I happily managed to go through an entire grad program at one of the biggest football schools in the midwest without having to shoot a single sports event (thanks to my assigning editor/roommate Michelle Peltier).

P.S. The show was amazing, I highly suggest you listen to the archived audio.


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